There are different ways for accounting – TimeTracker tries to understand most of them. Here’s what you can configure from Settings Accounting.

Most important: When will your Accounting Period start every month ? In most cases this will be the first day. You can also easy select the 15th of a month or select ‘Specific Day’.


If ‘Specidifc Day’ is selected, a slider will become visible to select the day:


As a minimum of reporting the monthly Account Reports must be done.

Addionally you can also create daily reports or weekly reports:


There are some use-cases where tracked times can be overnight – perhaps tracking travel times.

In these cases it may happen that you’re traveling from July-31 to August-01 and your Manager needs the exactly amount of hours you worked in July.

No problem for TimeTracker: Tracked Times can be splitted at Midnight. But what to do if you’re travelling through TimeZones ? When is Midnight ?


You can configure this and decide:

  • No Split (Time will reported from Accounting Period where time ends)
  • Split at UTC (Midnight is always at TimeZone +00 – also known as GMT)
  • Split at your Home TimeZone (configured from User Settings)
  • Use TimeZone from TimeZone where User starts


As soon as an Account Period ends, the data will be moved to History.


There’s a minimum of 6 Months and a maximum of 1 Year. History will be stored locally on your device inside secure data from your applications sandbox, so no one can take a look at it.


If you have connected a Calendar (see also Settings Connections) TimeTracker can add a Reminder to be notified, so you never forget to create your Accounting Report done.


Select how many day / hours you want to be notified:


also you can set the exact time on that day:


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