While tracking times the first question always is: WHAT kind of work are you doing ? Depending from the time of work it depends which data you need to be entered. TimeTracker makes this very flexible. There are 6 different Categories:

  • Working Time
  • Work Readyness
  • Stand-By Time
  • Travel Time
  • Rest / Break
  • Other Time

Talking with many customers we found out that most are only using 2 – 3 different Categories and these 6 Categories are covering all common use-cases.

To make it easy to recognize the selected Category TimeTracker uses some Icons:


Hint: If you’re using a customized Enterprise Edition you can use your own Icons.

The first Category ‘Working Time’ must always be there – all other are optional. There’s a checkbox to enable/disable Categories:


Here are all properties you can set for a Category:


There are many rules out there HowTo summarize times, some kind of work is always paid – others perhaps only in some countries or domains. Legal Time or not ? This decision is sometimes important – perhaps for Drivers and Co-Drivers where only a maximum of hours per day is allowed.

Check what fits your company rules best. TimeTracker already sums it up and displays some nice charts.

Billable is a flag you can use to get all tracked times for Invoicing.

As next there are some optional or required fields:

  • Project
  • Order
  • Task
  • Contact

Check what the user must enter and what is optional. Only fields checked as ‘available’ are visible on the Details Page. If ‘optional’ is checked TimeTracker displays the field but doesn’t check if there’s something entered. learn more about this in Chapter on Dynamic Pages.

If your backend system or Server needs a specific code for a Category you can enter this Code here.

If you have connected a Calendar, your tracked times are automatically entered as Calendar Events. BlackBerry Calendar Events have Status property – please select the corresponding one :


If needed, TimeTracker can not only track Times but also Locations.

TimeTracker can track locations:

  • Never
  • at Start
  • at Stop
  • at Start and Stop
  • Continously


‘No Location’ is important to guarantee privacy of User Data and should be used for Break / Rest.

Continuous doesn’t mean that TimeTracker is also a GPS Tracker where you’re getting an exact route. TimeTracker only tracks all 15, 30 Minutes or so which is enough to document tracked times. It’s also used together with reverse Geocoding to get the Country and to see when Country changes and to report ‘Border-Crossing’. Learn more in Chapter on Locations and Countries.

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