Contacts integrated


Tracking Times at Customer Site and these Customers are available from your BlackBerry 10 Contacts ?

Makes sense to add the Customer.

Customer Company Name, Contact Person Name, email (if available) and Photo will be displayed directly inside your Tracked Time Event.

Open a Tracked Time from List and directly from first page (Overview) you can see if

  • there’s already a Contact added (blue colored Icon)
  • you can add a Contact optionally (grey colored Icon)
  • for this Category you cannot add a Contact (disabled Icon)


Tapping on the Icon will directly jump to Contacts Data from Details Page:


If a Contact is already added you’ll see the Photo (if there’s a photo), Company Name, Contact Person Name and eMail.

There are Buttons to add another Contact: Opens Contact – Search from where you can select one. Another button allows to remove the current Contact.

From Overflow Menu (three dots) you can open the details for this Contact:


Contact opens as CARD inside TimeTracker using Invocation Framework:


Now you can call the Contact, send Messages or take a look at the address from BlackBerry Map:



Mor informations on deep integration: