Customer Reports

Let your Customer confirm your Work

Some of you probably know this:

You did some work at customer site and at the end of the month you send out the Invoice.

Then some time later you get a feedback from customer that there’s something wrong with the billed hours and a long story starts while you’re waiting to get paid …

TimeTracker can help you and let the Customer sign the work done immediately as it was done and signed Report will be sent via Mail to your Manager and also to your Customer.

Here’s the workflow:

Start your work as usual:

  • Select Category
  • Enter Details
  • Verify Start Time


At the end Stop your Time:


Don’t forget to toggle “Sign Report” to ON ! TimeTracker will save the Tracked Time and automatically opens the Customer Report:


The Report is filled out from tracked Time and you can insert some remarks (Multi-Line TextArea).

Now let your Customer do the Signature:  Tap on the Signature Field or the Action: TimeTracker switches to Landscape:


Let your Customer sign and tap on ‘Save‘: the Signature is inserted into the Report:


If you don’t like the result feel free to tap again on the Signature Field.

As next tap on ‘Send Report‘ – a Dialog Box comes up to verify:


Hint: you must connect a Message Account to be able to send the Mail. If not done please go to Application Menu Settings Connections.

Now the Report will be sent out as a formatted HTML Mail to your own Mail Address and cc: to your Customer – both will receive a Mail like this one:


Customer Reports and Signature Files will be stored local inside your secure sandbox together with the Tracked Time – so you can later have access to this report easy. Here’s the Tracked Data from above in List of Open Tracked Times:


Tap on the Row and get the Details:


Toggle ON ‘Show Report‘ :


Now you can resend the report to Customer if a copy was needed.

Signed Customer Reports will help you to avoid misunderstandings with Customer: your work will be signed immediately as it was done 🙂

Curious How the Signature was done ?

I have to say a big THANKS to Roberto Speranza‘s (@RSSessantotto) libview Library available at Github 🙂