Themes 10.2

OS 10.2 only supports two Themes: dark and light, where the default depends from technology: on an OLED Display you must use a dark theme because this is the best to consume as less battery as possible. So Z10 and Q5 are using the light theme and Z30 and Q10 are using the dark theme.

Which Theme to use is defined in bar-descriptor.xml and only with some tricks you can change this on runtime.

OS 10.3 will be much more flexible and also add some descent colors to customize the UI. I will blog later about TimeTracker 2.x for OS 10.3.x

Most screens in TimeTracker are running out-of-the-box on dark and light theme, sometimes I’m using different Icons or different colors for Label.

textStyle.color: == VisualStyle.Dark ?
        Color.LightGray : Color.DarkGray

Here’s a list in dark and light:



Manually inserted Times are marked yellow on dark and magenta on light theme, colors of Header is LightGray on dark and DarkGray on light theme. Modified records are colored orange on both themes.

There’s a small marker icon (Moon) to mark an Item as ‘Overnight’: this Icon is different for both themes. I’m using static asset folders to store those Icons.