Calendar integrated


To use Calendar integration you must connect one of your Calendars with TimeTracker from Application Menu Settings – Connections.

As soon as a Calendar is connected all TimeTracker Events will automatically added as Calendar Events to your connected Calendar.


Hint: You can set the ‘State’ (Free, Tentative, Busy, Out of Office) of your Calendar Event from Settings Categories.

As you can see from screenshot above Calendar Integration also supports multiple TimeZones: Stop – Timezone was different from Start TimeZone, but Calendar Events only can work with one TimeZone, so the Stop Time was re-calculated. More Infos under TimeZones.

If your Calendar is a shared Calendar and belongs to a BlackBerry 10 Account on your Device, tracked times will be synchronized automatically and your Manager / IT Admin / Dispatcher always knows where your are and what you’ve done. This can be very valuable to support your Customers.

TimeTracker Calendar Event local:


TimeTracker Event Office 365 Web portal:


In Settings – Accounting you can set automatic Reminders for next Accounting Report. Even if your App isn’t running you’ll be notified.

Reminder in Local Calendar:


Reminder from Office365 Calendar in Web Portal:


More Info about deep integration: