Enterprise Edition


S, M, L, XL, XXL ? TimeTracker fits perfect

‘Enterprise Edition’ doesn’t mean TimeTracker is targeted to big Enterprise Companies only.

TimeTracker Enterprise works well even for 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 employees and is able to scale up to your needs !

The only requirements: You must run a BES 10 Server (hosted or your own) to deploy the application (Bar File) and there must be a Server to run CoMo TimeTracker Server (usually behind your firewall)

Secure and Flexible


Using TimeTracker in Work Perimeter will give you most security !

All transfers between your device and BES 10 Server are encrypted from Point – to – Point.

All Settings can be pushed automatically into the TimeTracker APP from BES 10 or can be provided at BlackBerry Work Drive. Settings can be customized for different workflows or user groups, one scenario could be to use strict mode for  service emp0loyees out there and free mode for sales department.

If a Calendar is connected Dispatchers or Managers immediately will see what their employees are doing out there at Customer site.

CoMo TimeTracker Portal and TimeTracker Server


CoMo TimeTracker Portal and TimeTracker Server are featured in TimeTracker Enterprise Edition, so you can start out-of-the-box.

Tracked Data will be transfered automatically from Device to BES 10, controlled and/or edited by Dispatcher and then sent to backend services.

If Dispatcher changed some values these will be sent back to the device, so employees know what happened.

Dispatcher can see where the work was done: Geo Locations are tracked by TimeTracker and can be displayed on Google Maps.

CoMo TimeTracker Server stores data in SQL Database, so it’s easy for you to access the data. In it’s simplest way you’re working on the SQL DB itself exporting to Excel or so.


You’re not sure if TimeTracker Enterprise Server is what you need ? Try it out: you can test it 30 days for FREE.

Of course you’re free to configure your own server-side solutions:

Custom REST


TimeTracker data can also be sent to custom REST endpoints – please ask CoMo Solution about the costs to connect to your custom services.

BlackBerry WorkDrives


Another secure way to store tracked data is to use BlackBerry WorkDrives. BlackBerry WorkDrives map shared network drives so they can be accessed by BlackBerry 10 APPs. Support of BlackBerry WorkDrives is included into TimeTracker Enterprise edition, so there are no extra costs. TimeTracker then will store the tracked data directly inside these shared network drives and it’s up to you to grab the data.

Another use-case is storing profiles for employees on BlackBerry WorkDrives. In this case profiles can be imported by one-click on the file. Using BlackBerry WorkDrives for profiles avoids to have some software pushing them out to devices.

Customized or Standard


It’s up to you if you want to use the TimeTracker Standard Enterprise Edition or if you need some custom features. We’re using Git Branches with Git Cherry-Picking to get new features from standard back to custom branches.

TimeTracker Enterprise Standard is a full-featured Time Tracking App, but can also be customized and rolled out via a comfortable Company License.

If you have questions on this please contact Sales at CoMo Solution.

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