GPS, Map, Routing integrated


From Settings Categories you can define if you need Location Data. TimeTracker can get Location Data at Start, Stop, Start + Stop, continously or never.

Think carefully where you really need geo locations. Not only Coordinates from GPS can be added to TimeTracker but also reverse Geocoding to get the address. Again: do you really need reverse Geocoding done by BlackBerry 10 Device or perhaps add this later from Server ? There’s one special usecase where it makes sense to get reverse Geocoding on your device: to visualize Border Crossing.

You can verify tracked Geo Positions: open TimeTracker event from List.

From overview tap on the geolocation Icon or select the Segment from TitleBar:


The Icon can look different: this one tells you that 2 Locations are needed: at Start and at Stop.

Here are the details from geo Page:


Tapping on Coordinates or Address opens BlackBerry Map:


Tapping on the Button will navigate you to this Point.

More on Integration: