Group Edition


To run TimeTracker Group Edition you need two APPS:

  • TimeTracker APP (for each Member of your Group)
    • TimeTracker APP itself is FREE, so each Group Member can download without any payments to think about
  • TimeTracker Manager (one APP to be used by Group Manager)
    • All payment is done using In-App-Payment inside TimeTracker Manager APP. Costs per Member are 1 $ / Month if installed in Private Perimeter (no BES 10) and 5 $ / Month if the Apps are running in Work Perimeter (BES 10 with BlackBerry Balance)


TimeTracker Manager APP


This App allows you to

  • manage the users (create, edit, delete)
  • manage devices (BlackBerry PIN)
  • manage profiles (settings per user or group of users)
  • send profile to group member
  • get daily, weekly, monthly reports from group members
  • export tracked data as JSON or CSV

Adding a new User you have to subscribe to In-App-Payments, where the monthly fee is 1 $ if running in Private Perimeter and 5 $ if running in Work Perimeter (BES 10 – BlackBerry Balance)

Deleting Users will unsubscribe this User, so you only pay what you need and can change on a monthly base.

TimeTracker Group Edition runs without an own TimeTracker Server ! All collected data is local but can be exported.

If you need a real Server at your Backend or want to customize TimeTracker you need TimeTracker Enterprise Edition.  Enterprise Edition runs on BES 10 (hosted or your own) To get more info on TimeTracker Enterprise please contact CoMo – there’s also a Test Installation available for BES 10.

You want to try TimeTracker or run TimeTracker for FREE ? Please install TimeTracker Personal Edition in Private Perimeter.

TimeTracker APP


Each member of the group will have all features, but  settings – are under control of the Group Manager: some parts can be hidden – others read-only.

Account Reports will be send via Mail to Group Manager and auto-injected into the TimeTracker Manager APP.

Using Cascades Invokation Framework it’s easy to inject data from email.

Injecting the profile into TimeTracker, declare something like this in your bar-descriptor.xml:

<invoke-target id="org.ekkescorner.timetracker.profile.import">
    <invoke-target-name>Time Tracker Profile Import</invoke-target-name>
        <property var="exts" value="xxxyyy"/>
        <property var="uris" value="file://,data://"/>

Now if an email comes in with attachment where filename ends with .xxxyyy TimeTracker was automagically opened by InvokationFramework, data contains the sent profile. A Dialog comes up to let the user know what happens and confirm.

To add some extra level of security the content is scrambled.

Hint: Using the Enterprise Edition and BES10 we don’t need this technic because we have a secure connection to get profiles from BlackBerry Work Drives or using BES Push.



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