Strict Mode: always tracking


You can configure TimeTracke to run in Free Mode or Strict Mode.

Strict Mode Workflow

In Strict Mode you must track all your times from Start-of-Day (Open) to End-of-Day (Closed):


To track continously please follow this workflow:

Tap on Start Button from Home Screen or hold your BlackBerry on a NFC Tag to Start. If you have configured the ‘Strict’ Mode, TimeTracker knows, that first time tapping on Start it’s the beginning of a new work day.

As first select the Category: tap on one of the Icons or Tap on GoOn from ActionBar:


then enter the Details for this Category.

This is a dynamic Page – only displaying the fields you have to enter values for this Category:


last step is to verify the Time:


Now the Time is running:


You can close the APP or minimize.

If minimized the Counter will run on, so you always know how much time spent.


If your work is done, re-open the APP and hit the Stop Button from Home Screen. You can also use a NFC Tag.

Now the only thing you have to do is to verify the Stop time:


…and you’re done. The Tracked Time is saved and you can take a look at it from List of ‘Open‘ Tracked Times.

If your Report must be signed by your Customer tap on the Toggle and after stopping the time the Customer Report will be created.

This was similar to the ‘Free’ workflow. In Strict mode there’s a new Toggle at the bottom of Quick Stop page, where you can toggle between ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’.


If you leave the toggle on ‘Open‘ next Action is ‘Stop + Go‘ and as next the Page to select the Category comes up. From there you cannot cancel, because it’s not allowed to interrupt. Instead of cancel the Action now is named ‘Break‘:


So if you don’t continue with a new working time, simply hit ‘Break’ and Time is running for the Break.

Switching the toggle aboveĀ  from ‘Open’ to ‘Closed‘ the next Action on ActionBar changed to ‘End of Day‘.


1-2-3 and running, 1-click to stop

Tracking times with TimeTracker is nothing more then 1-2-3: Select the Category, enter Details, verify Start Time.

Stopping is a 1-click: Verify Time and you’re ready.

This is why these Pages are named ‘Quick Start‘ and ‘Quick Stop‘.

Perhaps sometimes you make a mistake or at Stop you want to change the Category, entered Details and more.

No problem: TimeTracker always makes it easy for you to work with and at the same time providing all editing features for you. In this case notice the ‘Edit‘ Action from ActionBar:


There are some infos about Editing Tracked Times page in chapter ‘UX Highlights‘.

More info on workflows: