In ApplicationMenu Accounting you can specify how many months should be stored in local History. A maximum of 12 months is allowed.

From TabbedPane tap on History Tab:


Next Page shows you only months where History exists – in this sample for January, February and March:


Tap on a Month from History or use the corresponding ActionItem from Overflow Menu (three dots) and you’ll see exactly your Accounting Report:


Of course the Report now is read-only, but you can send the Report again via Mail.

Also from ActionBar you have access to the details: all tracked data:


This List of History Data is similar to the List of Open Tracked Data:


Please notice the only difference:the ActionBar is missing all Actions.

Tapping on a row you’ll see the Details – also similar to Details from List of Open Data:


Only difference again the ActionBar: from History it’s read-only so there’s only a Back Action and no Cancel / Save.

Hint: you cannot set ActionItems to invisible, you have to remove them:

You can remove all ActionItems:


or you can remove single ActionItems:

if (! monitorTime.isAddTrackingPermitted()) {


From History Page you can also take a look at Monthly Charts:


Using Previous and Next Actions you can get Charts from all Months in History.

There’s another Action to show the sums for Categories:


Here’s the same Page in Landscape:


There’s a chapter about Layouting if Orientation changes here.