Open Tracked Times

The List of Open Tracked Data contains all Tracked Times where no Accounting Report exists. As soon as you completed an Accounting Period all corresponding Data will be moved to History. While you have started the next Time-Tracking without finishing it’s not visible in the List of Open Times, but the HomePage will show you how long it’s already running.

The List

Open List of Open Tracked Times from TabbedPane:


Here’s the List grouped by days and sorted by Timestamp:


If there’s no ‘Add Data‘ Action you have no permission to insert data manually (Application Menu Settings Permissions) – opening this list from History ActionBar will also look different. Action ‘Summary Open‘ will show a chart diagram of all entries from this list. (see below). Action ‘Reporting‘ will directly jump to Accounting to create a new Accounting Report.

Dimmed Rows

Data already transmitted to server are dimmed and read-only.


List Menu

Here’s the complete Menu:


You also have access to Charts per Week or Month (see below) or jump directly to History.

List Charts

Summary All Open

Directly from ActionBar Action ‘Summary Open‘ will tell you how many hours are tracked since last Accounting Report.

Charts can be summarized per legal/other, paid/unpaid or per Category:



…per Month

Sums per Month (from Overflow Menu):



Sums start with newest month and you can go back and forth. (Previous / Next Actions)

To see older sums from History: there’s a quickl-jump Action in Overflow Menu:


… per Week

Sums per Week (from Overflow Menu)



Sums start with newest week and you can go back and forth. (Previous / Next Actions)

… per Day

Sums per Day (from List Header Rows)

List is grouped by Day and ech Group Header gives you access to sums of this specific day: simply click on the Chart Icon:





Time Data Row in detail

Tapping on a List Row you’ll get a Page with all the details:


The content on this Page can be very different – it depends on Time Category, Device (Touch-Only or Keyboard) and Orientation (Portrait/Landscape). Chapter ‘UX Highligths‘ will explain in more detail.

On Top of Page there’s a Segmented TitleBar with up to 4 Segments:

  1. Category (Overview)
  2. Details
  3. Time
  4. Geo

Toggeling between these Segments is easy: Tap on a Title, use the Action from Overflow Menu, use the Navigation-Icons on Bottom of Page or Keyboard Shortcuts.

First Segment Category is also a Overview Page: you see from available Images what kind of data is there, tapping on a Image will go directly to corresponding Segment etc. If there’s a signed Customer Report: toggle ON and get the Report. If you have the Permission to modify Data you can change Values – even the Category can be changed using the Toggle.

Here’s a sample of Details Segment:


Sample of Time Stamps:


and here a sample of Geo Data:


Data Menu

This is the full Menu: