Bluetooth LE (Beacon, Pebble)

Let users decide HowTo track a Time:

  • Touch: Open TimeTracker APP and Start / Stop Times – there’s a QuickStart / QuickStop 1-2-3
  • Shortcuts: From Keyboard Devices (Q5, Q10, Passport) use Shortcuts to Start / Stop
  • NFC Tags: Tap your Phone on a NFC Tag to Start / Stop
  • Beacons: Automatic CheckIn by detected Location (InDoor)
  • Smartwatch: Start / Stop from your Pebble

Hint: Beacons and Pebble are in beta yet and will be available later this year

Beacons (In-Door CheckIn)


Particle iBeacon by KST

You want to track In-Door-Locations ? Automatically start a Time from location ? Entering a MeetingRoom and start: Working Time – Task Meeting ?

We’ll add Beacon – Support to do this: automatically start a new TimeTracker Event if Location sent by Beacons changed: you can decide if this is done by UUID, Major or Minor values.


You like your Pebble Smartwatch ?


Service Employees are working at customer site and have to Start / Stop times. Why searching the phone, open the App and Start / Stop a Time while the SmartWatch is always reachable.

TimeTracker 2.x will allow you to start / stop times directly from your Pebble and also to see how much time spent on current work.  Pebble will also remind you to send Account Reports.

First prototype using Scripting Engine by BlackBerry 10 App Talk2Watch pro:


Start TimeTracker Script from Pebble, Start a Time and immediately get feedback from TimeTracker APP:


Inside TimeTracker APP you’ll see which Times are tracked by Pebble:


….. more information and a detailed blog article on this will follow …