BBM Channel integrated


BBM Channels are a great way to communicate with your community. BBM Channels are free and easy to create – so why not integrating them into TimeTracker. You can get access to TimeTracker Channel the normal BBM – way and look for Channels you’re interested in.

Integrating BBM Channel for TimeTracker

Even better it’s directly integrated into the App. Simply swipe down from top to get the Application Menu:


Tapping on BBM Channel the very first time you must confirm to subscribe the Channel.


Now you have access directly from inside TimeTracker:


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Integration of BBM Channel using Cascades Invokation Framework is really easy stuff. This code explains it all:

ActionItem {
    id: bbmChannelAction
    title: "BBM Channel"
    imageSource: "asset:///images/ic_bbm.png"
    attachedObjects: [
        Invocation {
            id: invokeBBMChannel
            query {
                invokeTargetId: "sys.bbm.channels.card.previewer"
                invokeActionId: "bb.action.OPENBBMCHANNEL"
                uri: "bbmc:C00165746"
    onTriggered: {

Enterprise Edition – Work Perimeter BES 10

Attention: If you’re running TimeTracker from BES 10 in Work Perimeter, you don’t have access to BBM Channels yet. Perhaps this will become possible with upcoming eBBM Suite.


Here’s the 1-line (C++ Code) to check if your App is running from Work Perimeter:

bool ApplicationUI::isWorkPerimeter()
    return QDir::currentPath().contains("enterprise");

To make it easy to find the TimeTracker Channel I added a Dialog – otherwise the User taps on the Action and nothing happens. Here’s the slightly modified onTriggered() from source above:

onTriggered: {
        showDialog(qsTr("TimeTracker BBM Channel"),
            qsTr("You cannot open BBM Channel directly from Work Perimeter.\nPlease switch to Private Perimeter and search for TimeTracker's BBM Channel.\nType 'TimeTracker' to search or the BBM Channel Pin: 'C00165746'"))
    } else {

You’ve seen it’s easy to integrate BBM Channels. Thanks to BlackBerry providing BBM Channels as a FREE service.

More Info about deep integration: