Location (Settings)

If you need GPS Coordinates for tracked times you must check the ‘Location requests enabled’ checkbox.

If you also need the address from tracked coordinates you can also check ‘Reverse Geocoding’

Hint: Only check this if really needed. Perhaps you can get the addresses from your Server easier and without draining your phone’s battery. TimeTracker only added this feature to get the Country from the tracked address and to be able to recognize if borders are crossed.


Here are some properties about Accuracy and max allowed retries:


Also you can configure what shoulkd happened in case ot Timeout.



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Transport Ways

There are different ways to transport tracked data to your Server or Group Manager.

Please select your prefered way:



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Sync Interval

We already know about the Accounting Period and Reports and HowTo transfer the data.

Last missing point is when data should be sync’ed:



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