Device, Orientation, Theme

Developing a great app is more as developing APPs working well on Touch Devices in Portrait 😉

Android APPs running on BlackBerry 10 in many cases fail from UX. This isn’t because the UI wasn’t well done – it’s because Android Developers don’t expect a square Screen and don’t know that there are some special requirements if Devices have a physical keyboard integrated.

Q10 whatZ30_what

Cascades enables BlackBerry 10 Developers to fully support keyboards and small square screens. Of course it’s some more work to support it all, but your users will thank you.

TimeTracker works well on Touch and Keyboard and Users can hold the device in Portrait or Landscape. TimeTracker also supports the dark and light Theme.


Hint: TimeTracker Version 1.x is running on OS 10.2.x – there will be new devices in 2014 like Passport and OS 10.3 follows some new design guide lines. I will blog later about TimeTracker 2.x for OS 10.3.x