Free or Strict Mode

How do you want to track your times ?

This way ?


  • 9-12: Work at Customer site
  • 16-18: TravelTime


or do you prefer this way ?


  • 9: Start Workday
  • 9-10: TravelTime
  • 10-11: Break
  • 11-13 Work at Customer Site
  • 13-14: Break
  • 14-15: TravelTime
  • 15-16: StandByTime
  • 16-17: Work at Customer Site
  • 17-18: TravelTime
  • 18: End of Workday

We name the first one the ‘Free‘ Mode and the second one the ‘Strict‘ Mode. Using the Free Mode it’s up to you to decide what must be tracked and there can be ‘holes’ in the timeline.

Using the Strict Mode you must track every minute from Start to End of a Workday.

Free Mode makes sense if you’re working as a Freelancer and only want to track times you have to document for customers (to write your invoice) or to get an overview of all your TravelTime for Tax.

Strict Mode makes sense for all your Service Employees where you must be sure all time is documented or perhaps it’s the base to get them paid.

You can even mix this in your company, per ex. Service Employees using the Strict Mode and Sales or Managers using the Free Mode. It’s a simple property from Permissions – Settings.

Find out How it works in detail: