Time Tracker

HowTo develop cool Business Apps with Cascades for BlackBerry10


Do you think Business Apps are always boring  and cool Apps for Business a joke ?

Think twice !

BlackBerry Devices and BlackBerry 10 are clearly focussed on Business, Productivity, Enterprise.

Business App Users have to do their work in an  efficient and productive way.

Some users are working with your App the whole day. Make it as easy to use as possible, spend some time on great UI / UX, provide smooth workflows and short ways to reach goals.

I’m sure my apps aren’t 100% perfect, but I always try to imagine the way users will work with the app.

TimeTracker is a complex app and so it’s a good candidate to see what we can do. TimeTracker is developed as native Apps with Cascades.

Current versions 1.x are developed for OS 10.2.x.

As you probably know, there will be huge improvements with OS 10.3.x – also new Devices like BlackBerry Passport will require more then re-layouting. I will also blog about all of  this.

Have fun !

I will listen to feedback from users and try to make the app even better from iteration to iteration.

Hint: All Pages here will be editied and enhanced from time to time.

Remark: At first I’m always trying to find Icons for ActionItems already made public by BlackBerry or Liz Myers. All other Images, Icons, Backgrounds are selected or made by me. Some are from Dreamstime. But at the end it’s still an App designed by a Developer – not a Designer 😉 Will change this later with a little help of real Designers.

TimeTracker: native Business APP for BlackBerry 10 to track times for

  • Freelancer
  • Small Business
  • Enterprise

TimeTracker is developed by

ekke_cascadesekke @ekkescorner


BlackBerry World or BES ?

TimeTracker Personal Edition and Group Edition will be available soon at BlackBerry World. Personal Edition is FREE and perfect for personal use or if you’re working as a Freelancer or so. Group Edition is perfect for small groups if you don’t have your own Server.


TimeTracker Enterprise Edition will run on your BES10 and is targeted to small Businesses or large Enterprises. TimeTracker Enterprise can be used-as-is or customized if you miss a feature or have some special use-cases.

Need a TestDrive ?


Download the FREE Personal Edition from BlackBerry World, if you’re interested into the Personal or Group Edition.

Want to test-run TimeTracker Enterprise ? No problem – you can also run a Test with some employees from your own BES10 Server accessing a TimeTracker Test Server provided by CoMo. If you like TimeTracker Enterprise then simply buy a Enterprise License and get your own TimeTracker Server and Portal installed by CoMo. Want to know more about TimeTracker  Enterprise (BES10) please take a look at here at ComoSolution or  fill out this contact form to get more infos.


TimeTracker from a Developers POV


All documentation here at timetracker10.wordpress.com is written by ekke (@ekkescorner) from a Developers POV, so from time to time you’ll run into some sourcecode 😉

I’ll try to explain what I have done to provide a great User Experience (UX) and like to discuss about this with other developers. Hopefully I can also give some hints, tips and tricks to others and at the end we’ll get some more cool native business apps for BlackBerry10.

If you have any questions please ask me at Twitter (@ekkescorner)

There will be also documentation available soon by CoMo Solution focussed on Business: http://timetracker10.com.

The easiest way to understand concepts is to take a look at the app.

What you’ll get out-of-the-box


Here’s a short overview about some features, workflows and concepts of TimeTracker:

It’s always fun for me to develop such kind of applications – hopefully it’s also fun for you to work with TimeTracker !

Need a Business App or Cascades Training ?

If you like the app and need an app for your company: feel free to ask me.

This is a native app developed with Cascades and I really love it to work with Cascades – the best framework I have used last 30 years. If you want to learn Cascades: I’m also offering trainings / workshops.

Want to know more about Cascades Development: take a look at this blog by me.